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Obama Announces Election Bid for 2012

Posted on: April 14, 2011

The first time I voted, was for a president. It was for a historical election. It was for a Black president, above all.

I love firsts. But as historical as that election was, I have to be clear here that President Obama did not only make history by becoming the first Black president. No, he made equally impressive strides. With a shift in our social world, Obama capitalized off the success of various networks to garner votes. He had an email list serve of 13 million users, has his own website which integrates social marketing campaigns. His entire campaign revolved around social media, and that to me is quite an impressive feat.

I’m extrememly excited that he’s running again in 2012. Political values aside, I think this will make for an interesting campaign season. I want to see how Obama will improve from last year, and how he will compete against other candidates who will jump on the social media bandwagon. I want to see how all of these candidates will reach out to this dynamic set of socialites online. I want to know who’s going to do it the best, and who’s going fail.

So while the political pundits will be evaluating each campaign platform and dissecting each debate, I’ll temporarily wear my social media expert cap (if I can remotely call myself that) and dissect each tweet, Facebook post, YouTube video, podcast…etc. We’re in for a treat next year, guys.

I’ll keep you updated!


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