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Fans do NOT equal sales!

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Just because you have 2 million followers, doesn’t mean you necessarily have 2 million fans. Just ask Soulja Boy!

With 2.7 million followers on Twitter, many who claim to actually like his style of rap, others who mock him; Soulja Boy has gotten the motivation to continue in the rap game, revealing his newest album last year: The Deandre Way. Guess how much it sold?

Like, 13,000 copies first week. Talk about an epic fail.

But this post isn’t to bash the rapper (or whatever you consider him to be).

It’s just to bring light to what many newcomers to social media fail to see: a high number of followers does not necessarily equate to a high number of fans or sales. Sometimes, it’s the quality that matters.

I mean, nowadays you can buy your fans.

I can’t help but laugh. But it’s hilarious. I mean, for just $100, I can get 50,000 new Facebook fans on my fan page. And the site claims that the fans are real people, but that’s always debatable since no one has proved either side yet.

But I can’t convince you all that quantity doesn’t matter as much as quality does. Especially since overseas, banks are competing for followers and fans in the social media world. As if popularity is a metric for social media success. Clearly, it’s not.

Everyone wants to make money, and now that people are starting to see the success of social media influence, they assume that it will automatically bring in the big bucks. But it takes time. It takes an engaging company with an interesting audience. Don’t fall victim to your popularity on these sites; it’s only one metric in determining your value and your influence.



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