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Want to gain millions of followers in milliseconds? Ask Charlie Sheen.

Posted on: March 1, 2011

I’m not too fond of this Charlie Sheen guy. I never watched Two & a Half Men before; and now that FX is playing it daily to generate more money on the repeats, I decided to give it a shot.

It’s not funny. At least, not as funny as the extremely loud laugh track mistakes it to be. And Charlie Sheen has the same smug look on his face in a number of episodes. It gets kind of old.

But outside of his poor acting capabilities, Sheen sure knows how to stir up some controversy. And I don’t know how de did it, but when he finally decided to take the reins of social media (my guess being that his publicist resigned when he went off the deep end), he took the world by storm.

This guy got 50,000 followers in one day. And I’m not sure if he’s composing ALL of his tweets, but they’re actually good tweets.

I mean…he’s borderline funny.

So what the heck is it that he’s doing right? Besides his famous name, why can’t I even get 1,000 followers just after hitting “join”?

Picking apart his timeline, I found that his forthright, brutal honesty laced with some jokes is a recipe for an interesting form of entertainment. So I suppose that he deserves the attention, at least the superficial type online, that he’s getting.

I mean, he’s branded the whole #winning hashtag, and uses trending topics with ease. He uploads photos that represent his boundary-pushing lifestyle. He’s like a parody account, seriously. Here, you won’t find any tweets about him going to the store. Or going to sleep. Or some other mundane task that needs no tweet.

The best part is that he’s looking for a social media intern. (Let’s all take a pause and laugh).

Ok, I’ve composed myself. Charlie Sheen is looking for an intern who possesses ALL the tiger blood in the world. But in reality, that’s not a bad look. If this potential intern can turn his social media world into a small empire, and recreate his image, just imagine where they’ll go from their brief stint working with him. That’s a MAJOR resume booster. And it’ll be a good learning environment, allowing this individual to take over Charlie Sheen’s presence on social media. It’ll allow them to evaluate how he’s doing right now, and then set his own benchmarks to take Sheen to the next level. This intern will be doing it all.

So we can hate on Charlie Sheen all we want. And we can laugh at the future intern he hires. But if they are able to recreate this guy’s image while simultaneously creating a sound presence for him on the web, then they’re in great shape.


1 Response to "Want to gain millions of followers in milliseconds? Ask Charlie Sheen."

It’s sad to me that people feed off other people’s craziness. I am sure more people are paying attention to Charlie Sheen then they are President Obama. I understand that watching a train wreck to see when it will end is fascinating, but this obsession with pop culture is ridiculous. At the end of the day Charlie Sheen may need actual help if his alleged addictions are true, but I don’t think people are concerned with the man they just want to be entertained. To me it is much like the gladiators of Greece, people came to watch as they fought at times to the death and it didn’t matter to them because it was all just fun and games. He is is a PR disaster and is potentially ruining the livelihood of his former agent, cast, and crew which is irresponsible and selfish.

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