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Do you see a future for Foursquare, Gowalla? I do.

Posted on: February 24, 2011

Location based services are really making an impact on the social world today. They’re slowly generating public interest, but they’re increasingly carving out a place in the market and making our lives easier.

Take Foursquare, for instance. Any time I need a place to go for the evening, I just look at what’s nearby, based on my location. It’ll show me which of my friends are checked-in nearby, and what places are popular for that moment. It’ll give me user tips so I can determine for myself if this is the kind of scene I want to enter for the night. It’s extremely helpful.

Unfortunately, people still think location based services will have a short life span. But Microsoft just proved that theory false.

They’re recent report shows that out of 1,500 different people nationally, about half are familiar with location-based services. Oddly enough; Pew Research Center found that only 7 percent of U.S. adults use the service regularly. Weird.

Microsoft found that location based services are slowly growing popular as the benefits become apparent. Typically, people use it for weather, navigation, traffic, and just plain fun.

Moreover, businesses are now starting to benefit from these services. (See my last post about Corcoran and Foursquare, for instance).

There’s clearly a market in location-based services, and although it’s slow to take off, it WILL turn into a big hit.



2 Responses to "Do you see a future for Foursquare, Gowalla? I do."

I think that foursquare does have a future, until people get tired of constantly letting the world know where there are at all times. I always wonder when these “fads” will fade out and people will go back to having privacy and finding information out form their friends and not their Facebook’s. I personally use foursquare not as much as some of my friends do, for them each step they make needs to be broadcast, but maybe thats the reason these companies survive. There will always be those who are hyper-vigilant in their use causing the rest of us to jump on board.

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