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So you think you’re a social media expert?

Posted on: February 22, 2011

No really, do you? Well, you’re in for a rude awakening. Because although I write, tweet, and post news on Facebook every day; I’m no more of a social media expert than you.

What frustrates me is that there is an emerging market for social media “experts” for each industry. The government is willing to pay a starting salary of about $50k just for someone to handle its content management systems for social media. Businesses are looking for smaller companies to handle their social media compliance, teaching individuals how not to end up getting fired for a reckless tweet.

These jobs pay, and they pay well. So now EVERYONE wants to call themselves a social media expert, even though clearly, they aren’t.

An interesting post from about two years ago, way before these jobs started taking off, does a great job at addressing the faults of people who claim they’re social media expert. It gives us a tool for evaluating these individuals to determine whether or not they really are experts. Essentially, it helps us sort through the noise.

Some interesting points it makes:

  • An “expert” should be blogging and writing for more than a year. They should know what’s trending in this market.
  • They should be able to accurately answer just WHAT social media is, without naming sites.
  • They should know what a campaign is.
  • They should know just what ROI is, and how to evaluate it effectively.
  • They should constantly be learning about social media. It doesn’t stop once they’re granted a job.

Give it a read, and think about how you determine who’s really an expert and who’s just trying to get a gig.



1 Response to "So you think you’re a social media expert?"

I think that the notion of being a social media expert is a bit far-fetched because social media is such an evolving business that it seems impossible that anyone could totally understand the business even after spending a year blogging and writing. I think whats most important is that experts do their best to know what is trending and how to best engage consumers.

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