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Delicious food trucks are running amuck!

Posted on: February 15, 2011

There’s nothing better than trying new exotic foods, considering I’m such a huge foodie myself. There are plenty of unique restaurants to try in and around D.C., but you can’t take an hour-long break from the office every day to get a taste of a new culture. And sometimes, you just don’t have the funds to sit down in an expensive restaurant to tip your waiter.

Enter D.C.’s newest trend to blossom this year that’s causing a stir – food trucks. It’s causing a massive explosion and is forecasted as an increasing trend throughout 2011, and for well reason, too.

The National Restaurant Association’s 2011 Restaurant Industry Forecast notes that consumers are fleeting to parked trucks because social media is sparking the trend.

Because what’s better than actually trying new food? Being on the hunt for it.

Plenty of food trucks around the district are on the move, and the only way to find them is through their Twitter accounts.

With no set location and at least three different trucks out, the Sauca truck sells delicious Mediterranean food for under $10. Their customers get a rush of excitement (myself included) when they find out that the Sauca truck is coming to an intersection near them. For consumers, it’s all about the price and the convenience of getting a hot delicious plate of food outside rather than waiting in a stuffy line.

Eight out of 10 restaurateurs polled by the restaurant association are well aware of the impact social media has on their brand, noting that it’ll be an exemplary force in marketing their menus. Out of the consumers polled, 47 percent said they’d flock to a food truck especially if their favorite restaurant spearheaded it.

This pop up restaurant trend is taking the world by storm, and I sure hope you’re all ready for it; I sure am!


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