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Finding success in one blog

Posted on: February 1, 2011

Anyone remember Julie & Julia? Aaahh. One of my favorite movies to date.

Here, we have a regular woman reaching 30 who works at a dead-end job in lower Manhattan. She feels like her life is at a complete standstill, as she looks around at her successful, wealthy group of life-long friends at lunch one day, who hold jobs that allow them to directly engage in their passion. One of her friends, a journalist working at a popular women’s magazine, decides to interview Julie about her dead-end job. The resulting article is one that exploits Julie and other 30-year-old women who have yet to carve out a career for themselves. To add fuel to the fire, Julie finds out that part of her journo-friend’s success is in the mediocre blog she has on her own life.

Living in a tiny, unwelcoming Queens apartment with her boyfriend, Julie suddenly has an epiphany. What does she do to make her life more profound? She turns to blogging, as well.

Julie decides to make use of her passion for cooking, turning to her favorite cook, Julia Childs, and her bible, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Immediately, Julia sets up her daily blog, an ode to the great chef, with one goal in mind: she will try a new recipe from this cookbook daily, and then blog about it for the world to see.

What comes of this is a hilarious blog filled with memoirs of her trials & tribulations, real emotions and a heaping of success. This blog turns Julie’s life around. No longer is she a call-center employee with no fulfilling life. Because of her journey, Julie receives attention from The New York Times, and continues on to write her book Julie & Julia.

This movie speaks wonders, and is a true testament to the power of the blogosphere. It’s a mirror image of what we’ve come to accept this day & age; regular self-publishing individuals are now able to create a name for themselves thanks to wordpress, blogger, YouTube, and other social media platforms. This movie proves that by engaging in these tools, with some tactics and a recognizable goal that resonates well with an audience, regular individuals can find success.


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