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It could be argued that social media made its debut while dial-up internet was being perfected, on the basis that social media is comprised by the ability to link individuals by various means of communication, at its core. But recently, it’s evolved into a way of life. It’s a new phenomenon right after the internet, and has taken on a brand new definition.

Learning this new phenomenon won’t happen overnight. And I encourage you all to join me on this journey to keep up with the changes that social media will bring.

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace...where has social media brought us today?



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  • Odochi Ibe: The Super Bowl is like the Holy Grail for commercials. Companies will spend millions trying to get the coveted spot to showcase their most clever com
  • Odochi Ibe: I love Vloggers! I could spend hours surfing YouTube just to see what the ones I subscribe to have to say. I give these people a lot of credit for ha
  • Odochi Ibe: "Effervescent oompa-loompa orange glow," priceless. I admit I was not a fan of Jersey Shore, I thought it was annoying and stupid, but after the cont